Diving services

If you are looking for a great scuba diving experiance in Istria, Premantura is definitely the best choice. There are plenty of wonderful diving sites in the Adriatic sea, but the underwater world around Pula is one of the finest with its amazing flora and fauna.

We have more than 10 years of experience and we can guarantee you the top service from diving courses to rental and excursions that will leave you spechless and make your stay unforgettable!

Diving courses

No matter if you haven’t any diving experience or you just want to take the next step in your diving education, you are right with us. Our experienced instructors educate you conscientiously according to the worldwide recognized PADI system among all Brevet levels up to the instructor.

If you have absolutely no diving experience and want to know if you feel comfortable under the water just take a discovery dive to check it. For a discovery dive you need no dive experience and the necessary equipment is provided by us.


  • Discovery diving: 500 HRK
  • Junior Open Water Diver (JOWD): 3200 HRK
  • Open Water Diver (OWD): 3200 HRK
  • Advanced Open Water (AOWD): 3200 HRK
  • Rescue Diver course: 2600 HRK
  • Dive Master course: by apointment
  • Assistent Instructor course: by apointment
  • Instructor course: by apointment

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Dive Excursions

The Diving center Scuba Libre is located in the most southern city of Istria called Premantura. Close to the historic town of Pula which looks back on a three thousand years old history. Thanks to its location on the edge of the famous national park Rt Kamenjak, Premantura is a very popular and well- visited tourist resort.

The most interesting dive sites are located in the area of Rt Kamenjak,Rt Marlera and the way up to Pula. Legendary shipwrecks, breathtaking underwater caves and interesting drop-offs invite you for an unforgettable diving experience. We look forward to diving with you. The Dive Center is located inside the Autocamp Runke directly on the boat peer.


  • Boat diving (Zone 1 - Polje, Fenoliga, Kolumbarice, Sidra, Topovi, Sikavac, Lighthouse Marlera): 250 HRK
  • Boat diving (Zone 2 - Bombište, Crvene stijene, Sv. Stipan, RT Seka): 300 HRK
  • Night diving: 350 HRK
  • Coast diving: 200 HRK
  • Discovery diving (equipment incl.): 500 HRK
  • Boat ride (without diving): 100 HRK
  • Wreck diving zone I (Cez 1, Cez 2, Flamingo, Draga, Minolovac, Luana):   350 HRK
  • Wreck diving zone II (U boat, Remorker, Vareze, Golub, Gilmour, Josefina ):   380 HRK

The prices are per person announced.The required equipment for a discovery dive is included in the price. A pressure chamber (Baro-chamber) is located in Pula, only 15 minutes drive from the dive center and offers special treatment for diving accidents.

Dive Gear Rental

Whether air tank, mask or fins, Scuba Libre rents all the equipment which is needed for diving or snorkeling at a fair price. As you can see a visit to Scuba Libre makes your holiday an enjoyable adventure.

Prices - Diving Equipment

  • Complete equipment: 150 HRK
  • ABC (Mask, Snorkel, Fins):   50 HRK
  • Wetsuit: 50 HRK
  • BCD (Jacket): 50 HRK
  • Regulator: 50 HRK
  • Dive computer: 50 HRK
  • Dive torch: 50 HRK
  • Air tank (steel 15l, full): 50 HRK
  • Tank fill (price per liter): 5 HRK

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